Wizard of Oz, January 2010
(The opening of our new home at the Mall)

Annie Jr., April 2010

101 Dalmatians Kids, April 2010
(coming soon)

Into The Woods, June 2010

Schoolhouse Rock Live Too, July 2010
(coming soon)

Grease, August 2010

Aladdin Kids, Sept 2010 (coming soon)

Sleeping Beauty Kids, Sept 2010 (coming soon)

Jungle Book Kids, Nov 2010 (coming soon)

Cinderella Kids, Nov 2010 (coming soon)

A Christmas Carol, December 2010

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Sweeney Todd School Edition, January 2012

The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley, February 2012 (coming soon)

Winnie the Pooh Kids, March 2012 (coming soon)

Once On This Island, May 2012 (coming soon)

Footloose, June 2012(coming soon)

A Year With Frog and Toad Kids, July 2012
(coming soon)

Les Miserables School Edition, August 2012

Beauty and the Beast Jr., September 2012
(coming soon)

101 Dalmatians Kids, November 2012 (coming soon)

The Little Mermaid Jr., December 2012
(coming soon)
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jan 2013 (coming soon)

Romeo and Juliet, Feb 2013 (coming soon)

Cinderella One, Cinderella Two

Aladdin, April 2013 - Kabobby (coming soon)
                                Falaffel (coming soon)

RENT, July 2013

Guys and Dolls Jr., Aug 2013 (coming soon)

Jungle Book Kids, Sept 2013    
Banana and Chiquita (coming soon)

Children of Eden, Nov 2013

Pinocchio Dec 2013
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